Sunday, April 27, 2014

Expo-last blogg

This is my last blog for this semester in English 101. Overall this semester was pretty cool and I enjoyed it. It went by extremely faster than I imagined. Although it was a tad stressful, I managed decent grades and learned a lot of new material and got some refreshing on a  lot of old material that I learned in high school. We recently had a student expo for the students who contracted for an A and I was on of those students . We basically did a project or presentation about one of our papers that we did this semester. It was a good experience and it gave us a chance to see a variety of different power points and projects . We got to network and interact with other people and explain what we did as well as share our views on our particular topics. I was surprised that a lot of people didn't do the expo thing because it wasn't really a hard thing to do. I guess some people are just afraid of speaking to people they aren't comfortable around. Overall it was fun and I had a wonderful time. It was truly a learning experience and I look forward to doing something like that again.

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