Sunday, April 27, 2014

Expo-last blogg

This is my last blog for this semester in English 101. Overall this semester was pretty cool and I enjoyed it. It went by extremely faster than I imagined. Although it was a tad stressful, I managed decent grades and learned a lot of new material and got some refreshing on a  lot of old material that I learned in high school. We recently had a student expo for the students who contracted for an A and I was on of those students . We basically did a project or presentation about one of our papers that we did this semester. It was a good experience and it gave us a chance to see a variety of different power points and projects . We got to network and interact with other people and explain what we did as well as share our views on our particular topics. I was surprised that a lot of people didn't do the expo thing because it wasn't really a hard thing to do. I guess some people are just afraid of speaking to people they aren't comfortable around. Overall it was fun and I had a wonderful time. It was truly a learning experience and I look forward to doing something like that again.

Friday, April 4, 2014

outside the class 2

For the second outside the class assignment, I went to that history thing in the barn cabin on Tuesday. There they talked about different career paths with history and how they got to where they were in life. They stressed that academia wasn’t the only option to make a living. It was four different people there, all having different advice and different career paths. It was boring but interesting at the same time. One of the guys worked at a local environmental park here in Petersburg. He said he always had a passion for history. He also majored in history with a minor in political science. While i was there, they told us that you didn’t necessarily have to major in history to get involved in the field. There are many different paths. One lady worked in a museum on Ft Lee. She spent most of her time overseas and Europe doing many different things. She gave advice on to do something within the history filed that you would enjoy the most. She also stated to volunteer at places to get a feel on what it’s like to be in the certain career. Overall the experience was pretty neat. They all made good point on why a career in history would be great, but I personally don’t think that’s the career for me. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Outside the Class1

Over spring break i went to a concert in Richmond,Va. The concert artist who was performing was called juicy J. He is a rap veteran. It was a very livid and hype concert and it was a good atmosphere to be around. This relates to our English class in many ways. It was a time in class when we were talking about pop culture and how it plays an affect in our lives. Juicy J certainly isn't the biggest role model in peoples lives.I mean his rap name says it all lol. He raps about many inappropriate things such as guns, drugs, and women. These are things that people usually shouldn't support but it was amazing how many people like him and sometimes even idolize him. People where wearing shirts and hats made by him. Celebrities play a huge role in every bodies lives. By celebrities i mean singers, rappers, sports stars, painters etc not just the rapper juicy j either. It crazy to see the effect they have on regular people who want to be like them and look up to them. They could support negative or positive things and people would still vibe to them. Pop culture influences our lives drastically and i may write my last paper on this topic.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

SpringBreak Bllogg

Spring break was fun while it lasted although it do go by a tad bit fast. Actually it went by extremely fast. Its gone already! I told my self the friday we officially got out for spring break that I would study, finish all my homework, and spend my time being productive. NONE of that happened sadly. I now regret  it because now I am on my mac computer writing my rough draft and typing this blog which should have been done already. Procrastination is a killer and it can make or break you in a lot of different situations. This will no longer happen on my behalf because it causes a heavy load of work. I spend most of my break in Myrtle Beach so me and my squad "turned up" every single day. I kept telling myself that I'm not gone wild out no more but that too, never happened. Turns out that didn’t happen either smh. Its a litter over a month left in this semester so I am going to work hard and go all out for the remainder.Hopefully next year spring break, I'll do better and learn from this tragic lesson. The life of a college student is truly remarkable.

Friday, March 7, 2014

7th blog

This is my 7th blog, the blog right before spring break. I think everyone is excited about it. This week in English we did a couple of things worth mentioning . We did two grammar schamamars and they were followed by games like the usual. It gave us the chance to intereract and showcase what we reviewed .However we also played taboo. Never in my life have I played that game before, I would always see my family and some friends play it but I never attempted to play it myself. It was the highlight of the week for me because this week was somewhat dull and boring . It was a fun game to play because you really had to be focuses and it made you think outside the box about things . It was also hard because you couldn't say certain words that revealed what the card selected was. It certainly created a brain cramp because also had a certain amount of time to do the most you could . After were were done , my team ended up getting the victory over the other side. I hope we can do that as a class again because it was an educational and a fun way of learning.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

6th blogg

Family is important in people's lives. In fact it is probably one of the most valued and treasured things to have. Everyday you have contact with your family, whether it's immediate or not. But is the traditional nuclear family still existent in today's society?A traditional nuclear family is when the father is the bread winner, meaning he is pulling in all of the family's income. This was the case a couple decades ago. However, is this still going on? Many women so often bring in an additional income since they are in the work force as we'll. Women now a days think the traditional role is dead. They no longer depend heavily on their partner. The stay at home house wife tag is beginning to decrease in society. Many women want to feel relevant in the family so they decide to work too. Although their are still traditional nuclear families, it is really turning into a lost cause.Their are also times in which the female is the breadwinner and the father is the stay at home dad. Times are changing.  I brought this up because of the story we read. It relates to this topic because it involved family .

Friday, February 21, 2014

5th blog(didnt do 4th yet)

The time is coming and it is coming fast . It's almost time to write the second research essay which is on family. I am somewhat looking forward to it.This week in English , we talked about why you cite and source things as well as the different types of formatting. It is very important that you cite references because if you don't then you are plagiarizing . Plagiarizing is kind if like copying or stealing someone's work but not giving credit to them. It is a very serious offense and that can lead to a big fat 0 or you can even get into trouble with the law. The four main reasons why you cite things is to avoid plagiarism, give credit, show credibility, and it allows readers to find out more information on your paper. Also this week two groups presented their grammar presentations. It was fun especially the first one which had us reacting and swiping words on the board. It got a little competitive and it was a great experience. Surprisingly I actually learned something I did not already know. Before the presentations I didn't really know the difference between affect and effect so that was a major plus. Overall this week was pretty chill.